we believe

Sport should be a movement for change 

For sports practitioners who want social change

Movement is a niche consultancy for sports practitioners in Scotland who want to deliver sustainable social change.

Our approach demystifies sport-for-change, social enterprise and asset transfer while easing the pain of grant dependency. 

Movement is led by Simon Turner, a sport-for-change practitioner with direct experience of sport social enterprise and the asset transfer process. Our key delivery partner is Community Enterprise, a third sector consultancy with decades of experience and a full range of services. 

We work on a small number of selected projects for clients who are serious about creating change. 


easing grant dependency 

Creating value for customer and beneficiary segments to generate revenue.

generating revenue

Designing value propositions that work in Scottish sport. 

designing sustainable models

Creating, delivering and capturing value for the end-goal of financial sustainability.

demystifying social enterprise 

Explaining what social enterprise is (and isn't) and putting the approach into action. 

enabling sport-for-change

Isolating and measuring the impact that sports organisation make.

FACILITATING asset transfer

Guidance through the maze that is the asset transfer process. 


Value Proposition design 

Creating value for customer segments that stimulates demand for new and existing revenue streams.


Delivering value to target segments in ways that build trust and loyalty.

Financial Structures 

Capturing value for the organisation to achieve financial sustainability.

problem definition

We get to the nitty gritty of the real challenges your organisation is facing. 


Isolating and measuring the impact that sports organisations make.

Workshop delivery

Creating learning outcomes for staff and volunteers of sports organisations